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(Mangifera Indica)

Mango is the King of fruits. India is the largest producer and exporter of Mangoes in the world. India produces some 10 million tonnes of mangoes annually accounting for 52 per cent of the world output.

India grows the finest mangoes in the world. Although more than a thousand varieties exist, only around 20 varieties are grown on commercial scale. Most popular Mango varieties are Banganpalli, Neelam, Dusheri, Totapuri, Kesar and delicious ALPHONSO MANGO.

Mangoes are shipped by Air or Sea in corrugated Boxes of 1 dozen or 2 Dozens

Mangoes are being put into the automated system for washing and grading

Nutritional Facts:

  • Low fat
  • Saturated fat-free
  • Very low sodium
  • Cholesterol-free
  • High in vitamin A and vitamin C

Varieties of Mango

ALPHONSO MANGO: Alphonso Mangoes are oval in shape and about 4 to 6 inches long. The skin of the ripe fruit is golden yellow in colour, but is inedible. There is a central large seed surrounded by the pulp, which ranges from rich to a golden yellow and is widely considered to be the tastiest fruit in India. The mango has a warm sweet taste, which are some times pleasantly tart. This fruit is also known as 'King of Mangoes' and has rich aromatic flavour.

Our Alphonso Mangoes are from the finest orchards of Devgadh and Sindhudurg (Maharashtra) known to produce the finest quality of Alphonso Mangoes. No use of artificial ripeners. Our mangoes mature in the age-old way, over hay in mud houses.

KESAR : This is a leading variety of Gujarat with a red blush on the shoulders. Fruit size is medium, shape oblong.

BAINGANPALLI : It is a commercial variety of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and also known as Chapta and Safeda. Fruit is large in size and obliquely oval in shape. The colour of the fruit is golden yellow.

DASHEHARI : This variety derives its name from the village Dashehari near Lucknow. It is a leading commercial variety of north India and one of the best varieties of our country. The fruit size is medium, shape is oblong to oblong oblique and fruit colour is yellow.

CHAUSA : This variety originated as a chance seedling in the orchard of a Talukadar of Sandila district Hardoi, U.P. It is commonly grown in northern parts of India due to its characteristic flavour and taste. Fruit is large in size, ovate to oval oblique in shape and light yellow in colour.


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